StarLeaf Unified Communications Cloud

The StarLeaf Solution

StarLeaf was recognized in Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions report, as a challenger to the existing array of unified communications solutions available in today’s market.

Instant Messaging

Help your employees to work more productively and collaborate more easily with a messaging service that lets teams and individuals quickly discuss projects, ask questions and keep up-to-date. With one-to-one messaging, group chats, and the ability to escalate any chat to a video call, it’s all about effective communication.


Remove barriers to communication and hold video conferences that anyone can join, from anywhere, on any device. StarLeaf’s cloud technology offers unparalleled interoperability with other video calling services, so your organization can reach out and connect with the widest possible audience.


Communicate better and make decisions faster with cloud-based video calling that’s as easy as a face-to-face conversation. Wherever you are and whatever device you are on, StarLeaf lets you make calls to anyone, anywhere, on any video calling device.

Hold peer-to-peer or group video calls that feel as if you’re in the same room as the person you’re calling. StarLeaf’s video calling offers reliability and high definition voice and video, with great quality even on slower connections

The StarLeaf App

The StarLeaf app is a simple, secure and reliable application for messaging, meetings and calling. It works from anywhere, on any device, so your employees can collaborate, share and discuss as easily on the move as at work, and it is completely interoperable with other third party video calling devices.

From video meetings to quick ad-hoc huddles; from point-to-point video calls to ongoing group chats; provide your team with a single tool that allows them to communicate and collaborate in the way they want, easily and without restrictions. The StarLeaf app has an intuitive and familiar interface that users love and that requires no training, including simple features such as the ability to join a meeting at the touch of a button.

Existing Room Endpoint Integration

Extend the life of your existing video calling equipment or gain new functionality by registering your video room systems with the StarLeaf Cloud. A StarLeaf room systems subscription removes the need for video network infrastructure and brings you total interoperability with other video calling systems, so you can communicate and collaborate more easily and more widely than ever before.   Integrate Polycom, Cisco or other H.323 based codecs into the StarLeaf ecosystem.

Control System Integration

Protect your investment in existing third party controllers by continuing to use them with your StarLeaf endpoints. Our modules for AMX, Crestron and Extron provide a simple and rich user experience with features such as the Join Now button, allowing instant entry into a StarLeaf scheduled video conference.

Recording and Playback

StarLeaf Encore is a video call recording service that helps you to get more out of important video meetings and remote training sessions. It allows you to capture all the audio, video and screensharing in high definition and then download or share it so that you can review what was discussed, send it to non-attenders, or allow a wider audience to benefit

Equipment Leasing Options

If you already have an existing conference room and would like to add video conferencing capabilities and equipment to it, but do not want to have the large, up-front expense to add equipment – then a subscription with equipment leasing included is for you!



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