SMART Kapp Revolutionizes Dry Erase Board

SMART kapp digital glass dry erase board

SMART kapp digital glass dry erase board

HOUSTON TX – At InfoComm 2014, SMART Technologies launched SMART kapp: a digital capture board that creates a completely new product category – a revolutionary update to the inefficient dry-erase board.

SMART kapp allows you to write, draw and capture ideas using dry erase SMART ink markers, just like the old-fashioned dry-erase board, while enabling you to instantly save your work images, convert them to PDFs, and send to anyone, anywhere, instantly. SMART kapp technology dramatically improves collaboration for people in remote locations as well, giving them the ability to follow the evolution of ideas in a SMART kapp session in real time.

A Simple Workflow:

  • Work on the board as you would a traditional dry-erase board.
  • Save your work on your mobile device, so it can be shared after your session.
  • Invite remote participants to view the content you’re working on in real-time.

If you know how to use a dry erase board you know how to use SMART kapp. Switch it on, wirelessly connect your device to SMART kapp and you are ready to go. Installing kapp is as easy as hanging a dry erase board and the only wiring needed is to plug it in to any standard outlet. There is no need for any IT integration.

Instantly Transfer Written Content onto Any Device

Smart Kapp Mobile Sharing App

Smart Kapp Mobile Sharing App

SMART kapp eliminates the ineffective practice of photographing whiteboards and flipcharts or furiously typing notes during meetings to save and share valuable information and insights.

Share Real-Time Content Anywhere

As if by magic, notes from SMART kapp appear real-time on your own device as well as remote participants computers, tablets or smart phones.

Evernote™ integration

Automatically share SMART kapp snapshots to your Evernote notebook – an Evernote account is required.

Full data security

Shared content is immediately deleted after the session has ended. Your snapshots stay secure on your device until you choose to share them.

Refined inking

Write and erase on the sleek, glass surface without ever staining it.


AVTG Can Deploy Your SMART Solution!

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