SMART Boards link with Microsoft Lync

SMART LYNC – SMART Technologies announced that it is integrating Microsoft Lync 2012 support into its Freestorm visual collaboration solutions by releasing SMART Meeting Pro™ connector for Microsoft Lync. The new software connects SMART’s Freestorm solutions with Microsoft Lync to allow users at different locations to share audio, video and data in their meeting rooms – but with this solution there is also digital ink on a large touch-screen.

SMART Board with Microsoft Lync

SMART Board with Microsoft Lync

Putting collaboration on remote meeting agendas

You may be familiar with Microsoft Lync on your computer, but with it on a large, touch-enabled surface you can really collaborate with remote colleagues – similar to working on a white-board with your local team members.  The connector software integrates
Microsoft Lync, SMART’s interactive displays and SMART Meeting Pro software. This integration makes it easier to get everyone working together – so even remote team-members feel like they’re in the same room.

Microsoft Lync 2010 is a communication platform that allows users in multiple locations to more easily connect and collaborate – such as video-chat, screen sharing, instant messaging, etc.  By integrating Freestorm visual collaboration solutions with Microsoft Lync, these familiar collaboration tools are added to the user experience in the conference room. This allows in-room and remote users to share data from any software application – right on the smart board. During this share session, participants in each location can use SMART Ink™ (think of it as electronic markers that can be used on the white-board) to create digital notes that actually write directly into existing Microsoft Office applications and PDF documents that are being displayed. This allows users at all locations to capture ideas in real-time! The solution is optimized for use with Microsoft Exchange – with claimed start-up time for Microsoft Lync 2010 to be 60 seconds or less.

Easy Meeting Start-up

A collaborative meeting with this technology begins as follows:

  • Log in to the meeting room computer.
  • SMART Meeting Pro and Lync will start automatically.
  • The meeting details will display on the SMART screen – attendees, attachments and all the information from your original invitation.
  • Then you create a video link and share your screen – like a traditional Lync meeting.

Remote whiteboard collaboration

Organizations have learned how powerful whiteboard collaboration can be – get the subject-matter-experts in a room and start planning.      With a “Lync’ed SMART board”, now even remote attendees in your meeting can participate in this powerful technique.  You are already connected by audio and video, but digital ink is the key to taking remote collaboration to the next level. When you or your remote participants make notes on their SMART whiteboard using digital ink, everyone sees them in real time.

Save the new ideas

With the connector for Lync and SMART’s Freestorm solutions, the new thoughts that were captured using the digital ink can be saved as part of the original file that was being displayed.   All of the new ideas are immediately captured  – reducing the need to  revise slides afterwards.   With just a few clicks these updated slides can be distributed to all attendees.


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