Review: LifeSize Icon vs Polycom HDX vs Cisco TPS

According to IDC, in the second quarter of 2012, the market share of the video conferencing was dominated by Cisco, with 41.9 percent of the market.    Polycom increased their share to 32.5 percent of the market,  and LifeSize garnered 3rd place with approximately 5 percent market share.

What is interesting is that both Cisco and Polycom have traditionally focused on the high-end telepresence solutions for corporate executives and government agencies – and both suffered significant year-over-year revenue declines.   However, LifeSize managed to increase earnings.    LifeSize has been a more attractive solution for smaller corporate workgroups and SMB organizations, and a more affordable solution – a strong selling point in this ongoing economic malaise.

Recently, Cisco and Polycom have begun to focus more on solutions for these smaller organizations.    We were wondering how each of the top 3 companies compared in their “small conference room” video conference offerings.


LifeSize Icon:

LifeSize recently unveiled a new user interface that is intended to be more intuitive for users, so anyone can walk right into a room and be on their video conference, with the single push of a button, in just seconds. Features such as consolidated meeting schedules and pop-up reminders will ensure that you never miss a meeting again. Integrated meeting listings let you quickly search for and join meetings on demand. And name-based directories and enhanced search functionality provide you quick and easy access to the person you want to connect with.

Polycom Active Touch Whiteboarding

In an effort to offer collaboration similar to that enjoyed by Smart Board Video Conferencing, Polycom has upgraded its user interface to enable touch-screen or mouse based whiteboard-like annotation. With Polycom Active Touch you can create, show, and annotate content in real-time from Polycom HDX systems by using a touch screen monitor, mouse, Polycom UC Board or a combination of all. With the power of HDX and Group Series, the USB port on these devices turn out to be the portal to which real-time collaboration begins.

Cisco MX Touch-8 UI

Cisco offers the ability to add a small touch screen user interface to the MX system. Cisco TelePresence Touch devices enhance the ease of connection and communication by providing instant access to meeting, contacts, directories, and content. These devices enable you to launch and manage calls, share content, and access advanced features-all with a simple touch of the finger.

Cisco Touch 8 User Interface

Cisco Touch 8 User Interface

More Information:

The expansion of the small work-group video conferencing segment has brought a good mix of features and usability at a more affordable price point.

LifeSize Icon
Polycom HDX
Cisco MX


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