Planar Clarity Matrix: MultiTouch Video Wall

PLANAR CLARITY MATRIX – is a large multi-touch video wall consisting of 2×2 or 3×3 narrow-bezel, LCD screen configurations that create a continuous touch surface across the connected screen surfaces.     The displays attach to a Windows or Mac based control system via a standard USB interface.

Planar Clarity Matrix MultiTouch Video Wall

Planar Clarity Matrix MultiTouch Video Wall

Video Walls are great communication solutions for businesses and government agencies alike. They allow organizations to get the attention of clients and communicate the desired message at that time – be it advertising, news or instructions. When Multi-Touch capability is added, the user can then request the information they need – making it a much more efficient and engaging communication experience. These systems can even be used for inter-office workflow solutions to help organizations improve efficiency – from interactive directories, to work order servicing systems.

Clarity Matrix MultiTouch Video Wall System
For customers looking for an interactive LCD video wall in public spaces or collaboration environments, the Clarity™ Matrix MultiTouch System provides an ultra-slim profile, high-impact interactive display. Planar’s Clarity Matrix MultiTouch utilizes a touch sensor frame around the video wall allowing users to touch and use gestures to interact with content on the video wall. Clarity Matrix MultiTouch features Planar’s ERO™ (Extended Ruggedness and Optics™) technology, which prevents damage to the LCD panels and provides a smooth touch surface.


The video below illustrates the multi-touch system in action:

Multi-Touch User Interaction

This video wall incorporates the latest multi-touch technology to allow 32 simultaneous touch points across the video wall’s display surface. This not only allows for multiple touches and gesture recognition by a single user, but it also allows multiple people to interact with the video wall at the same time and not adversely affect other users.

Planar indicates that the Clarity Matrix MultiTouch uses advanced touch sensing technology that enables “pinpoint accuracy” for a good user experience, and it also prevents false touch points from being triggered. This technology is capable of producing video wall sizes up to 300” diagonally.


Modular protective touch surface

Often, video walls must be protected by an overlay of protective material, such as a large piece of glass in front of the LCD displays. This glass can be difficult to install and can make it more difficult to service large video walls.

Planar has developed their ERO system, which optically bonds protective glass to the front of each display. This factory integration technique ensures the displays fit together seamlessly, and are protected while maintaining the serviceability of the video wall system.


Accurate Setup – Easy Maintenance

The video below illustrates how the system can be installed into a facility and the design reliability mechanisms that will keep the system looking and running great for years to come.


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