Review: Barco ClickShare – multiuser wireless presentation

ClickShare conference room.

  CLICKSHARE REVIEW –  Ahhh, the quarterly business strategy review meeting.       Enter Finance to review the quarterly performance,  then Marketing presents the next big advertising buy, followed by Engineering project status updates…     It is an endless meeting with endless presentations – and everyone fumbling with the projector cable and performing those annoying display resolution … Continue reading

NanoLumens: Flexible Digital Wallpaper (NanoFlex)

NANOFLEX – This is cool!   “Digital Wallpaper” is the description NanoLumens has given it’s new, flexible digital display surfaces.    They are large, light-weight, LED display screens that are flexible enough to wrap around columns – transforming them into 360-degree displays. NANOSHAPES – This same display technology is also available in … Continue reading