NanoLumens: Flexible Digital Wallpaper (NanoFlex)

NanoFlex Digital Wallpaper

NanoFlex Digital Wallpaper

NANOFLEX – This is cool!   “Digital Wallpaper” is the description NanoLumens has given it’s new, flexible digital display surfaces.    They are large, light-weight, LED display screens that are flexible enough to wrap around columns – transforming them into 360-degree displays.

NANOSHAPES – This same display technology is also available in non-standard shapes, such as Triangles, Circles and Squares – for those creative, out-of-the-box digital design situations.


NanoShapes “Digital Artwork Signage”

The video below demonstrates this innovative new product:

What NanoLumens says of its creation:

Through constant innovation, NanoLumens has literally opened the floodgates to creative possibilities for the use of digital signage. Now, virtually any surface can become a brilliant display surface easier than ever before.

Although we build NanoLumens displays in a wide range of standard sizes, shapes and configurations, we have been known to take on the “impossible” projects as well. Chances are, with your creativity and our unique display technology, we can transform your physical space into digital reality.

Advantages of NanoFlex™

NanoFlex Digital Column

NanoFlex Digital Column


Flexible – NanoFlex can be hung flat or it can be flexed to conform to curved surfaces, such as columns or other architectural details – unleashing the creative possibilities of interior designers.

Ultra-Thin – About 1 inch thick, NanoFlex unobtrusive in most installations. Now you can add “bling” to your environment without noticing the technology that brings it.

Lightweight – At about 90 pounds, it can be easily installed by standard methods, which should reduce the installation expense typically encountered with large scale visual displays.

NanoFlex Features:

Image Quality – Produces bright, rich color with good off-axis viewing that avoids color shift or image distortion when viewed from an angle.

Plug-and-play – Accepts input from your display device of choice. No special software or hardware requirements means quicker deployment.

Eco Friendly – LED display technology makes this a green alternative to traditional large format displays. One display draws about as much power as a household appliance and can be plugged directly into a normal 110volt wall socket. Also, they are made from up to 50% reclaimed material and can be completely recycled.


Technical Specs

The displays are connected to the controller via Cat-5 cable, up to 200-ft maximum distance. The controller accepts DVI, VGA, S-Video and Composite inputs.


Diagonal Size (in) 112
Viewing Area (mm) 2489 x 1346 (3.32m2)
Viewing Area (in) 98 x 53 (36sf)
Aspect Ratio 1:1.86
Power (W) DC max 500W avg
Weight (lbs) < 90
Thickness (in) < 2
Available Pitches 6.0
Brightness (nits) 1000


More Information:

NanoLumens® is revolutionizing the world of digital media with our elegant, simple and energy efficient line of digital display solutions. Through a patented process, we engineer and design attractive, ultra-slim, lightweight and flexible large format digital displays in virtually any shape or size.


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