Mezzanine Collaborative Workspace

Mezzanine Workspace

Mezzanine Workspace

HOUSTON TX – Oblong’s Mezzanine transforms a meeting room into a spatially-aware collaborative workspace that brings together people, screens, devices, applications, and data.

Mezzanine’s spatial operating environment provides an immersive work setting – surrounding users with digital work surfaces – that allow participants to share content, develop ideas, and make decisions in the moment.

The Technology:

A Mezzanine room includes a 3-screen triptych which participants use to share images, spreadsheets, and other documents; digital corkboards, where users can place static content; and a conventional white board.  Spatially aware input devices known as wands allow participants to move and manipulate content between devices and screens.   The video below illustrates this technology at work:

Share content from any device:   Mezzanine offers the ability to view, understand, and work on the same material at the same time while in multiple locations.  Mezzanine’s unique solution enables seamless integration of geographically distributed participants by allowing users to simultaneously share, visualize, and manipulate information in one unified workspace. Participants can share content from any device, such as a laptop, tablet, or phone.

Next Generation Work Practices:

Mezzanine is the solution for what today’s work practices require: productive, real-time work sessions that integrate devices, tools, data, and people. The shared workspace sets it apart from conventional telepresence systems. Participants interact, share visually engaging materials, and operate in real-time.

Mezzanine’s shared workspace is a simple, intuitive, flexible collaboration environment. Participants in a shared workspace interact and make decisions in real time. Work doesn’t get started and scheduled for later — it gets done.

Customer Wow-Factor:

Competition to attract and retain customers is fierce; customers want influence over what they buy, involvement in the sales process, and knowledge that their needs are met.

Technologically savvy audiences are no longer impressed with a single-speaker, single-computer, single-screen presentation. This model does not represent nor support what customers want—a dynamic discussion that focuses on their requirements. Successful sales presentations engage customers, convey a captivating story, and demonstrate your ability to address their challenges.

Mezzanine provides the environment to help close deals quickly. The interactive environment draws in customers by turning pre-scripted presentations into adaptable, flexible conversations. A slide deck transitions seamlessly into a question and answer session; remote experts can actively participate in meetings by controlling the space with their laptop or portable devices; you and your clients can instantly share video, supporting documentation, and live web materials.

About Oblong’s Spatial Technology:

Oblong’s technology was the basis for the computers depicted in the film Minority Report® and has roots in more than two decades of research at the MIT Media Lab. The g-speak™ Spatial Operating Environment is Oblong’s new platform for distributed, collaborative computing.

g-speak™ is Oblong’s core technology platform. g-speak is used today to address high-value, real-time, big-data, and big-workflow challenges in applications such as military simulation, logistics and supply chain management, and energy grid management.

The g-speak platform enables the development of multi-user, multi-screen, multi-device, spatial, networked applications, as demonstrated in the video below:

About AVTG:

Audio Visual Technologies Group, Inc. (AVTG) is a Houston, TX-based company established in 1952. AVTG is focused on providing customers with the industry’s most advanced audio visual, digital signage, and video conferencing technologies. We strive to provide the best system integration solutions, applications and deployment options to meet our customers’ business needs.

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