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HOUSTON, TX – Audio Visual Technologies Group and its president, Ashley Brown, were featured in a profile of “Texas Women Business Leaders” in the June 2015 edition of Forbes Magazine.

This profile includes a brief overview of the company, as well as some of the recent visualization solutions that the company has implemented for clients in the oil and gas industry.

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Teaming Products With Solutions to Meet Clients’ Business Needs

Ashley-Brown, president

Audio Visual Technologies Group is a small company with a big vision. This firm offers clients the big picture, the small picture, the clearest sound, and the kind of image definition on which million-dollar decisions and medical diagnoses hinge. Clients enjoy customized, top-quality service without the high costs associated with large providers.

Let’s start at the beginning. Audio Visual Technologies Group sank its roots into the Texas soil in 1952 as an education resource, supplying audiovisual equipment for classroom use.

Weatherford's Real Time Operations Center

Fast forward to today: Clients now include corporations in a wide range of industries, as well as government agencies. “We have installed over two dozen realtime and emergency operations centers as well as visualization rooms for decision makers here in Houston. Two recently completed projects are Weatherford’s Real Time Operations Center (RTOC) and an ultra-high definition (UHD) visualization room for Marathon Oil,” says Ashley Brown, president. “The RTOC enables Weatherford to achieve the next level of safety and efficiency from remote assets, and Marathon Oil can more effectively collaborate on projects to identify optimal drilling locations for their exploration program.”

From Office Presentation to Arena Scale

Projects range from quite small — as little as $3,000 — to quite large — multimillion-dollar jobs — with conference room and executive boardroom assignments the most common. Brown says if a client needs a projector and a screen, the company is ready to deliver that. If a client has a stadium-sized project, the company is ready to deliver that, too – and in fact, has delivered that.

Marathon Oil Visionarium

While an installation may be as complex as an ultra-high-resolution touch controlled visualization suite or as compact as a telemedicine cart, in every case, quality counts above all. Picture brightness, definition, color accuracy, interactivity capabilities and sound fidelity – all are crucial. Consider the geologist making a petroleum drilling recommendation, or a physician viewing patient scans from across the country. To AVTG, these are mission critical. “We value our customers and the long-term relationships we have with them,” says Brown. “I tell my sales staff I don’t want to win a project. I want to win a customer.”

Excellent Capability-to-Cost Value

Brown says AVTG bridges the gap between AV, information technology and security. She has engineering and MBA degrees and a Fortune 500 career background. The senior leadership team members have experience that includes traditional AV expertise – such as extensive CTS and industry certifications – but also experience not typical of an AV integrator, such as IT security auditing of sensitive government agencies in Washington, D.C., including the White House, and multiple patent awards for Fortune 500 product design and engineering. This is a one-of-a-kind team.

“We are a small company with big guy expertise,” says Brown. “We design and install these very complex projects at a significantly better value than the larger guys. We plan to take our small company global. This is how we’re going to do that.”


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