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Crestron Fusion RV (Room View) Software

CRESTRON FUSION ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT PLATFORM – A common issue faced by organizations that have deployed video solutions, such as video conference rooms and video presentation/capture studios, is ongoing support and maintenance of these facilities.  New users can need help with questions about using the system.   Other times things “just happen” that cause a system not to work – like “I didn’t know that cable was supposed to stay plugged in there”. Crestron Fusion  was created to be a central management system that connects the video, lighting and climate control assets to a central system – allowing a remote help desk to “Monitor, Manage and Support” these critical systems.

Fusion is the name of Crestron’s Enterprise Management Platform, that also allows for room scheduling, and adjustment of lighting, shades, climate, and energy consumption all from a central location.   This system is made up of two primary components:

  • Fusion RV™ (RoomView)
  • Fusion EM™ (Energy Management)

Fusion RV™

Fusion RV™ enables facility and IT managers to centrally monitor, manage, and schedule AV presentation, video conferencing and capture resources. It can track device and room usage to schedule routine maintenance, provide real-time remote technical support and receive instant alert notifications. Robust reporting features provide data to make more effective purchasing and scheduling decisions.



  • Remotely monitor room occupancy and status of AV devices for preventive maintenance
  • Streamline help desk operations with real-time chat and instant email alerts
  • Auto-discover assets upon deployment for improved tracking and built-in usage reporting
  • Reserve rooms via Microsoft® Exchange Server, IBM®, Lotus Notes®, and CollegeNet™ R25®



Fusion EM™

Fusion EM™ manages and monitors renewable and sustainable energy sources in real-time and displays historical usage data for day, week, month or year. It also provides environmental control, including lighting, shades and climate to intelligently integrate with room scheduling and occupancy levels for greater energy savings. Fusion EM is able to track the building’s carbon footprint while enabling facility managers to easily analyze energy consumption.



  • Reduce energy loads for demand response programs
  • At-a-glance view occupancy status by single room, entire floor or whole campus
  • Define environmental settings based on time of day, room occupancy or inactive spaces
  • Maintain full control and automation of lighting levels, shades, and climate – anytime, anywhere




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