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Crestron CaptureLiveHD

Crestron CaptureLiveHD System

CRESTRON CaptureLiveHD – Many organizations have already realized the effectiveness of one-way video in managing and communicating goals and status to a large, distributed team. Its potential is fully realized when videos and accompanying presentation content can be easily, and automatically recorded and distributed to the organization.

Crestron’s CaptureLiveHD delivers a high-quality meeting and lecture capture solution that’s simple to use and affordable to implement. Each CaptureLiveHD system package provides a complete, end-to-end solution for scheduling, recording, and online delivery of captured content.

This solution is integrated into common business systems, such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes.   This allows users to schedule video capture rooms just like any other meeting room.    The system will be ready to “push a button and go” when the user arrives, and when complete, the video can be automatically transferred to a SharePoint site for the organization to view.


  • Schedule — Schedule a session (a class or a meeting) in any room using the Fusion RV room scheduler or a third-party scheduling application such as Outlook®, Lotus Notes®, or R25®. There’s no need to manage multiple schedules in separate applications — Fusion RV integrates it all into one process. Simply schedule the room for a single meeting or a whole semester of classes and Fusion RV automatically prepares the room and sends details about the session to the Capture HD recorder.
  • Record — At the beginning of the session, start recording by pressing the RECORD button on the Capture HD device or touch screen in the room.
  • Bookmark — During the session, use the touch screen to add bookmarks at key moments in the presentation. The Capture HD saves a “keyframe” screenshot and time stamp for each bookmark.
  • Stop — At the end of the session, stop the recording. The capture file uploads automatically to a network server.
  • Review & Approve — (Optional) Once uploaded, a staff member may review and approve the capture file and add information as needed.
  • Convert — Fusion RV Media Services automatically converts the capture file into multiple resolutions and quality levels for optimal viewing on various devices and network speeds.
  • Publish & View — The final video files are published automatically to a Web server, ready to be viewed online at any time from any location through any popular Web browser.

Remote Help and Management:

This solution is compatible with the Crestron Fusion enterprise management platform, and as such can be remotely monitored, managed and controlled – to give users help if they need it.


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